Pinelands Gymnastics offers two types of birthday parties: Gymnastics and Dart Tag.

Birthday parties are available for children 1-12 years of age. 

Safety certified staff run your party.

Equipment, gym, tables and chairs are provided. You provide paper products and refreshments.

Parties are held on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

Contact the gym office (609)859-3004 to schedule your party.
AGES: walking-12

All parties are 1 1/2 hours in length. 

The first hour is spent in the gym and the remaining half hour is spent enjoying refreshments.

Party activities may include a warm-up, games, relay races, obstacle courses, use of our rock climbing wall, and utilization of other gymnastics apparatus.

Gymnastics Party Price:
1-10 children: $225
11-20 children: $275

AGES: 6-12

All parties are 2 hours in length. All children will be provided with safety goggles.

The first 45 minutes will be spent in the gym for a safety briefing, handing out dart guns, darts, and safety equipment and doing target practice activities. A half hour will then be spent enjoying refreshments.  The remaining 45 minutes will be spent playing dart tag and other related dart tag games.

Gymnastics Party Price:
1-10 children: $245
11-20 children: $295